Warpwire v. 3.0 Going Live Friday, August 16

Warpwire announced last week that they will be going live with v. 3.0 on Friday, August 16. This is primarily a design update that offers improved navigation, and a new Account Menu that allows users to more easily jump between Media Libraries and other contexts. Warpwire’s goal was to modernize the UI and use the screen real estate on larger screens to improve navigation, as their original design was based on use in the smaller LMS windows. They have also added a Dark Mode feature.

LMS, users will find a slightly changed header. They plan to tweak the advanced settings interface updates throughout the year (sharing, batch, etc.), and we will announce those changes here.

Full release notes are not available yet, but highlights include:

  • General UI modernization, simplification in colors, icons, and menus
  • Enhanced Account Menu for simple full application navigation and management
  • Dark Mode/Light Mode settings which saves your preference in-browser
  • Additional sort by number of items option for All Media Libraries page
  • New Batch icon and menu

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OIT Service Desk at http://oit.duke.edu/help

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