New Warpwire Update, Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Warpwire version 2.8 is a major new release that includes a number of new features, bug fixes and improvements. 

There will be a brief period from 8:00PM on Monday evening, January 7th to 2:00AM on Tuesday, January 8th, where users will be unable to upload new files to Warpwire. Beyond this, no service impact is expected.

New features include:

  1. Global infrastructure to better serve remote locations (DKU and other international locations). Warpwire 2.8 utilizes servers all over the world as opposed to just in Durham to ensure the best playback experience possible for users no matter where they reside.
  2. Enhanced recording functionality. The recording capabilities in version 2.8 eliminate the need for Flash and utilize up-to-date HTML5 standards for more reliable performance. Warpwire 2.8 also includes the ability to record your screen in addition to camera and video. View a tutorial on capturing a video in Warpwire 2.8. View a tutorial on the new Screen Capture Tool in Warpwire 2.8.
  3. A web-based editor. Warpwire 2.8 has a new Clipping Tool with which you can trim the beginning and the end of your video and audio files. This is sometimes called “top and tailing.” View a tutorial on Warpwire’s new Clipping Tool.
  4. Apple Podcasts hosting. The new version of Warpwire has a number of improvements designed specifically for those who formerly utilized iTunes U to host podcasts, and a number of general improvements for audio files. View a tutorial on creating RSS feeds in Warpwire and adding them to Apple Podcasts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OIT Service Desk at

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