Warpwire Update on Wednesday, 1/28

An update to Warpwire is scheduled for our Wednesday, 1/28 maintenance window (6AM to 8AM). We do not expect this update to involve any down time for the service. This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Moved “My Media” and “Shared with Me” from the Media Library view to top navigation menu

  • Updated the tooltip information in the navigation links

  • Updated and clarified the description for users who do not have any media shared in their default Media Library view

  • Tweaked alert error messages across the interfaces

  • The main Duke and Warpwire logo goes to the All Media Library view

  • Allow Media Libraries to be deleted from the “Media Info” pane

  • Deletion of Media Libraries created via Toolkits is disabled

  • A FERPA/HIPPA compliance notice is shown when users upload a single or multiple files, multiple file upload now shows the number of files to be uploaded

  • Increased the search results view to allow for 10 items to be shown at a time

  • Fixed issue where the “Search for users” text did not clear when clicking with the mouse

  • Group search now supports the standard Duke naming convention. E.g., “ARTHIST.101D.01D” and “ARTHIST 101D 01D” will return the same group

  • The group search now returns courses in descending order by course year

  • Added indicator in the user and group search to show when network activity is in progress and also show “No results” when no entries are returned

  • Updated support videos to reflect all interfaces changes

  • Fixed upload issue on Chrome Mobile where the upload status information was not being updated on load

  • Added support for Duke guest accounts

Video Functionality

  • Fixed issue with video playback in Firefox 35 for Mac

Sakai Changes

  • Removed the word “to LMS” from the Sakai plugin

  • The “Add” button was changed to “Add Media”

  • Added filmstrip icon to Warpwire left-side-menu tool button

Infrastructure Changes

  • Added health check monitoring to ensure that the Single Sign On service is functional

  • Added additional support to automatically restart and log failures during the uploading process

We do not expect this update to involve any down time for the service.

If you have questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk via http://oit.duke.edu/help/

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