Warpwire 2.2.3, January 3rd 2018

We are applying a minor Warpwire update during our standard maintenance window (6AM to 8AM) on Wednesday, January 3. No service impact or downtime is expected. This update includes the following changes:


  • New ability to enable download of recordings per media library
  • Added ability to specify a podcast format corresponding to Apple RSS specification
  • Added a clarifying message for media assets to be shared publicly in order to appear in RSS feeds
  • Improved support for LTI-based tools and services
  • Improved sorting options for Media Library listing view
  • Share links within video player are now auto-selected for simple copy and pasting
  • Improved performance of My Media page to return information in a more consistent format
  • Added the ability to reverse Media Library sort ordering
  • Added links to Support Guides throughout the application
  • Added Tag icon next to Tags when viewing a Media Library to highlight functionality
  • Added the ability to batch edit, change view, and sort a Media Library with 1 asset
  • Enhanced thumbnail chooser default icon
  • Enhanced icons for media assets with no thumbnails associated to reduce confusion
  • Enhanced search interface with close icon to reduce confusion
  • Enhanced click area of video player closed caption menu
  • In-video search now uses selected caption language, rather than English as default
  • Improved searching for users within the sharing context
  • Added Warpwire logo to the embedded view of a video
  • Updated Content Moderation naming to Visibility to reduce confusion
  • Updated alphabetical ordering of Media Library context links

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with editing and sharing in My Media and Shared with Me
  • Fixed issue with in-application support links navigation
  • Fixed issue with seeking within a video when a menu is open
  • Fixed issue with actions in My Media that would not work as expected
  • Fixed issue with top left Media Library menu on public Media Libraries when not signed in
  • Fixed issue with very specific cases that an iTunes Podcast may incorrectly validate a Media Library
  • Fixed issue with wording of Batch Edit Select All/None to reduce confusion
  • Fixed issue with Media Libraries shared with a group that may not appear in Media Library listing view
  • Fixed issue with certain uploads failing for Media Libraries where “Users with access to this library can add media” option was enabled
  • Fixed issue where updates to share permissions were not being visually updated
  • Fixed issue where certain messaging during media asset copying workflow was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where batch buttons on small screen widths were shown over content
  • Fixed issue where Media Library context links were showing in plugin mode
  • Fixed issue where multiple users were being shown when sorted by Contributor
  • Fixed issue where start and end times on Share Link was incorrectly updating

Full release notes can be found here: https://www.warpwire.com/support/release-notes/

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