Warpwire 1.6 Release: Wednesday, July 29, 2015

An update to Warpwire is scheduled for our Wednesday, 7/29 maintenance window (6:00AM to 8:00AM). This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

Closed Captions:
– Added ability to upload closed captions in SRT format for any video asset
– Closed Caption icon is present within the video player for files with associated caption metadata

– Simplified sharing by consolidating the “Share secure link or Embed” and the “Share with Users and Groups” into a single share interface
– Added the ability to promote shared members within a Media Library to administrators of the media library
– Sharing with groups and users now use the same search interface and are threaded within the results
– Share link, embed code, and scripts are visibly more distinctive and now automatically select the link text on click

Removing Media:
– Revised workflow for media removal to allow for automatic deletion from all shared locations
– Removing media that is only present in a single Media Library will permanently remove the asset

– Added the ability for users to assign ownership of a media asset to a different user

Minor Updates:
– Visual optimization and updates to improve navigation efficiency
– Updated and simplified embed code for frames
– Improved sizing issues when embedding certain assets
– Improved error handling during the asset upload process
– Disabled inputs within the interface are more visually distinguishable from active fields
– Updated status icon while processing media files
– Expanded the reporting data to include additional metric when using REST API directly
– Performance updates to client when removing media assets
– Better indications that media is loading on slow Internet connections

– Fixed inconsistent behavior when using the “Share” option
– Fixed a specific resolution issue when capturing video via a web camera
– Fixed bug where Copy To option was available when there were no additional media libraries available
– Fixed bug that in certain conditions an admin of a Media Library was not given all of the correct permissions
– Fixed issue where Media Libraries were sometimes duplicated in the All Libraries view
– Fixed bug where the Share link was sometimes empty
– Fixed an issue where permissions to view a video were prematurely revoked
– Fixed third party cookie issue that caused logins to intermittently fail
– Fixed a bug within Sakai where in certain instances a course would be incorrectly mapped to the wrong section
– Fixed an analytics bug that sometimes caused graphs to disappear

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