Upgrade to 1.7 Scheduled for December 30

We are planning to upgrade our current version of Warpwire (1.6) to v. 1.7 during our 6AM-8AM Maintenance Window on December 30, 2015. This release is chock full of important new features for managing videos, including the highly anticipated features of tagging media files and generating special playlists from tagged assets within libraries. See below for full release notes.

Given that Warpwire is a fully load balanced service we will be able to do the required work on individual servers without taking the system offline, so no down time is expected.

Warpwire 1.7 Release Notes

– Support for tagging any media asset within a Media Library
– Ability to sort Media Libraries by tags, date created, contributor, or title
– A default sort order can be applied to any Media Library
– Users can create a Tagged Playlist based on tagged media assets
– Media assets contributed to a Tagged Playlist are automatically added with the corresponding tag

Batch Edit Mode
– Media Library administrators can perform bulk batch actions to media assets within a Media Library. These actions include: Copying to and removing from other media libraries, adding and removing tags from media assets, and removing or deleting media assets from a Media Library.
– Added an “Edit” button in the interface for Media Library administrators to access Batch Edit Mode – also possible through the “Option + B” keyboard shortcut.

– Support for keyboard only navigation within Warpwire
– Updated media presentation workflow to be more compatible with screen readers
– Focus is automatically set to relevant navigation elements when using only the keyboard

Minor Updates
– Media Library drop box mode allows for administrators to hide content within a Media Library from non-administrators. Allows Warpwire to be used in conjunction with LMS time-based publishing features.
– Created support documentation that provides detailed information regarding all aspects of the Warpwire application
– Visual optimizations to simplify workflows and provide a more consistent interface throughout the application
– Updated administrative reporting interface to include detailed user information when generating CSV-based reports
– Modified and updated the LDAP-based directory system to perform more reliably in certain cases
– Fixed an issue where closed caption files could be incorrectly processed
– Updated LTI-based authentication workflows
– Updated support for third-party cookie handling and provided additional user feedback
– Added non-interactive support for external group ingestion via CSV format
– Fixed a bug where newly created images in iOS 9 were not processed correctly
– Media Library administrators may now copy items to other Media Libraries that they are an administrator of, even if they are not the owner of the asset being copied

Bug Fixes
– Fixed issue where Media Libraries shown in the “Copy to Another Media Library” list were not in the correct sorted order
– Corrected an issue where errors in the application could be attributed to the wrong response
– Fixed a display bug when using the change ownership property
– Fixed a bug that prevented IE 8 from loading assets correctly
– Added support for text-based animation within Internet Explorer 10+
– Corrected an issue where invalid assets were not automatically removed from a Media Library
– Provided additional messaging to users with unsupported browsers
– Minor bug fixes

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