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Help Documents

Some of these documents require login with your Duke NetID

The Basics:

  1. Logging in to Warpwire
  2. Uploading Media to Warpwire
  3. Recording Directly into Warpwire
  4. Sharing a Media File in Warpwire
  5. How do I find items in Warpwire?
  6. How I add captions to a video in Warpwire?
  7. Warpwire Support Workflows and Guides (including short video tutorials created by Warpwire)
  8. Warpwire Browser Requirements and Supported File Types
  9. Warpwire FAQ
  10. Why Can’t I Download My Videos from Warpwire?

Places at Duke You Can Embed Warpwire Media Files:

  1. Embedding a Warpwire Video in Sites@Duke (WordPress)
  2. Embedding a Warpwire Video in the Duke Wiki (video tutorial)
  3. Embedding a Warpwire Video into Service Now Knowledge Base Articles

Going Further:

  1. Using Warpwire in Sakai 
  2. Record a video using Warpwire
  3. Connecting Your Zoom Account to Warpwire
  4. How to add another administrator to a Warpwire library [tbd: contact oit-mt-info@duke.edu for assistance]
  5. How to transfer ownership of an item in Warpwire
  6. Warpwire Easter Eggs: Deep Linking, AutoPlay, and Remove Title and Share Menus
  7. Instructors or students: add your videos to a Sakai Forum post or Assignment submission using the Warpwire button in Sakai: Providing Video Feedback
  8. Embedding Warpwire Videos in an Email
  9. Sharing media with non-course groups 


Contact the OIT Service Desk to get help with Warpwire