Patch to Fix IE Playback Bug, Wednesday, October 17, 2018

During our maintenance window on Wednesday, October 17, we are planning to install a patch intended to fix an issue with media playback in Internet Explorer 11. No service impact is expected. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OIT Service Desk at

Patch to Fix Podcasting Bug, Wednesday, September 26, 2018

During our maintenance window on Wednesday, September 26, we are planning to install a patch intended to fix an issue where iTunes Podcast RSS data could be omitted when specific character sets are used. No service impact is expected. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OIT Service Desk at

Warpwire 2.8, July 25, 2018

We are pleased to announce we’ll be upgrading to Warpwire v. 2.8 on July 25. They system will be offline during our standard maintenance window on the 18th (6AM to 8AM EST) so that we can perform this upgrade. Highlights for v. 2.8 are included below. Full release notes for Warpwire upgrades are found at If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the OIT Service Desk at

  • Added iTunes Podcast Support
  • Added interactive Transcript Support for media assets with associated caption files
  • Added display of expanded metadata for an asset
  • Added advanced search of assets and their metadata within a Media Library
  • Improved reliability of the asset count within the Admin Tool
  • Added Media Library sorting by number of assets within the Admin Tool
  • Enhanced insertion button visibility in plugin view
  • Added option to choose icon color for the Warpwire tool in the LMS rich text editor
  • Added link to support documentation for the LTI configuration tool
  • Added Warpwire version number and release notes link to Account menu
  • Added ability to copy LMS courses while retaining permission information
  • Added metadata entry workflow for Media Libraries and assets
  • Added ability to define custom metadata attributes, vocabularies, and restrictions for input
  • Added ability to use resumable playback position via the Player API
  • Added functionality where toggling batch edit mode deselects selects media assets
  • Enhanced engagement graph visuals by limiting inclusion to authenticated users
  • Enhanced engagement graph grid lines when no user data is available
  • Added video and audio engagement graph with playback to analytics
  • Added institutional option for hiding asset share links
  • Added ability to change owners of Media Libraries
  • Added default list loading for user and group lists in the Admin Tool
  • Added ability to sort many of the fields within the Admin Tool
  • Video playback position is now remembered for assets over 30 seconds in length
  • Enhanced offline download reliability of video capture files
  • Enhanced design of hotspot analytic headers for sorting clarification
  • Improved podcast playback for iTunes desktop
  • Improved media analytics timecode reporting
  • Added ability to store the last known playback position in the Data API
  • RSS owner/author is now set to the owner of the Media Library
  • Enhanced image delivery for better caching control
  • Added analytics to Media Library and asset options menu for quicker access
  • Media Library view and sort changes are automatically saved in users’ web browser
  • Default preference for view type (grid, list) added to Media Library settings
  • Improved the handling of sessions when using specific LTI launch contexts
  • Media player functionality improved on mobile devices
  • Added seek, playback speed, and control playback quality to mobile playback
  • Improved mobile playback full screen experience
  • Audio playback experience more consistent with video playback
  • Added the ability to view and add closed captions to audio files
  • Added the ability to listen to audio files with playback speed adjustments
  • Added the ability to edit the thumbnail of audio files
  • Media Library title and link available in video player top bar and single page view for users with permission to easily jump to media management
  • Improved video responsiveness at different sizes
  • Enhanced design with gradient top and bottom design backings to open up the viewing experience
  • Enhanced design with shorter, more efficient time codes, and bigger font for legibility
  • Enhanced design by streamlining the progress bar
  • Enhanced design with blue highlight color change for better visibility
  • Enhanced design with text shadows to increase text readability
  • Enhanced design with streamlined storyboard thumbnails
  • Enhanced design of small menus and tooltips to have bigger text, more padding, darker background for increased legibility
  • JavaScript-based API for extending the functionality of the Warpwire player for external applications
  • Allows programmers to build tools to interact with all functions found in the Warpwire player, including play, pause, seek, closed captions, playback analytics, and more

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that prevented the Warpwire application from launching in Sakai’s rich-text editor in certain cases
  • Fixed issue with resumable playback position for Apple iPhone
  • Fixed issue preventing newly created Media Libraries from opening properly in plugin view
  • Fixed issue with blank tagged playlist links on public media libraries
  • Fixed issue with resumable playback on iOS devices
  • Fixed issue with audio for embedded media on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with muting on embedded videos
  • Fixed issue where engagement graph data may have two lines
  • Fixed issue with video playback seeking unmuting audio
  • Fixed issue with changing the title of assets during replacement
  • Fixed issue with creating a Media Library via an LTI launch for certain users
  • Fixed issue with closing full menus on single page view
  • Fixed issue with closed caption searching on single page view
  • Fixed issue with closed captions where the first caption may not appear for some WebVTT files
  • Fixed issue with login redirection for certain users
  • Fixed issue with copying files into libraries a user has access to with “Users with access to this library can add media” turned on
  • Fixed issue with users who added content to a Media Library with “Users with access to this library can add media” enabled could not remove content
  • Fixed issue with embedded video share link styling
  • Fixed issue with replaced media assets not reflecting the correct date
  • Fixed issue with player CC menu on touch devices
  • Fixed issue with player quality for audio files
  • Fixed issue with video autoplay in Apple Safari
  • Fixed issue with video scrubbing in certain web browsers
  • Fixed issue with Admin Tool link on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with media processing messaging
  • Fixed issue with media assets without a thumbnail displaying the wrong thumbnail in settings
  • Fixed issue with video player tooltips overlapping design elements
  • Fixed issue with video player menus staying open when playing, pausing, or using the progress bar
  • Fixed issue with video player Warpwire logo wrapping below top bar at small resolutions
  • Fixed issue with video player menu scrollbar breaking design of closed caption menu at small resolutions
  • Fixed issue with video player design elements between default and watching views

Warpwire 2.2.3, January 3rd 2018

We are applying a minor Warpwire update during our standard maintenance window (6AM to 8AM) on Wednesday, January 3. No service impact or downtime is expected. This update includes the following changes:


  • New ability to enable download of recordings per media library
  • Added ability to specify a podcast format corresponding to Apple RSS specification
  • Added a clarifying message for media assets to be shared publicly in order to appear in RSS feeds
  • Improved support for LTI-based tools and services
  • Improved sorting options for Media Library listing view
  • Share links within video player are now auto-selected for simple copy and pasting
  • Improved performance of My Media page to return information in a more consistent format
  • Added the ability to reverse Media Library sort ordering
  • Added links to Support Guides throughout the application
  • Added Tag icon next to Tags when viewing a Media Library to highlight functionality
  • Added the ability to batch edit, change view, and sort a Media Library with 1 asset
  • Enhanced thumbnail chooser default icon
  • Enhanced icons for media assets with no thumbnails associated to reduce confusion
  • Enhanced search interface with close icon to reduce confusion
  • Enhanced click area of video player closed caption menu
  • In-video search now uses selected caption language, rather than English as default
  • Improved searching for users within the sharing context
  • Added Warpwire logo to the embedded view of a video
  • Updated Content Moderation naming to Visibility to reduce confusion
  • Updated alphabetical ordering of Media Library context links

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with editing and sharing in My Media and Shared with Me
  • Fixed issue with in-application support links navigation
  • Fixed issue with seeking within a video when a menu is open
  • Fixed issue with actions in My Media that would not work as expected
  • Fixed issue with top left Media Library menu on public Media Libraries when not signed in
  • Fixed issue with very specific cases that an iTunes Podcast may incorrectly validate a Media Library
  • Fixed issue with wording of Batch Edit Select All/None to reduce confusion
  • Fixed issue with Media Libraries shared with a group that may not appear in Media Library listing view
  • Fixed issue with certain uploads failing for Media Libraries where “Users with access to this library can add media” option was enabled
  • Fixed issue where updates to share permissions were not being visually updated
  • Fixed issue where certain messaging during media asset copying workflow was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where batch buttons on small screen widths were shown over content
  • Fixed issue where Media Library context links were showing in plugin mode
  • Fixed issue where multiple users were being shown when sorted by Contributor
  • Fixed issue where start and end times on Share Link was incorrectly updating

Full release notes can be found here:

Storage Maintenance, Tuesday, 10/10, 9PM

The OIT Storage & VM team has scheduled important maintenance to the NAS (network attached storage) array that hosts Warpwire files on Tuesday October 10th starting at 9PM and lasting approximately 3 hours. At some point during this maintenance window there will be a required reboot of the NAS hardware that will cause an outage for approximately 8 to 12 minutes. For that 8-12 minutes Warpwire users will be unable to stream or upload new files. The volumes that contain Warpwire files should automatically reconnect after the reboots complete, and services restored automatically.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Information about OIT planned maintenance and other service outages can be found at

Warpwire Services Team

Warpwire v. 2.0 is Here! (August 16, 2017)

A major upgrade is scheduled for Warpwire for August 16rd from 6:00AM to 9:00AM. This update is expected to involve down time extending for one hour on each side of our normal maintenance window (6:00AM to 8:00AM). If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at

UI and Workflow Overhaul

  • New batch editing mode simplifies common processes
  • Contextual menus for common functions such as creating Media Libraries
  • More intuitive Media Library copy function (now uses same interface control and workflows as managing tags)
  • Translucent overlays that provide visual context replace complex nested dialogues
  • Larger asset thumbnails
  • Public assets now appear with a green background in the Media Library
  • Merged all common account features into a user context menu including: Media Library access, tag management, Warpwire administrative features, and logout
  • Upload custom thumbnail to media assets
  • RSS support for all Media Libraries.  Any public content can now be retrieved via an RSS feed for each Media Library (compatible with iTunes-U and Google Play)

Caption Improvements

  • Search/ navigate captions within the video player
  • Download video transcripts within the player for assets with attached caption files

Playback Enhancements

  • Adjust video start and stop time positions, enable autoplay, and control the visibility of the media title and share information for embedded assets from within the sharing dialog
  • Images and video in the mobile context now expand to the entire width of the device screen
  • Checkbox to enable Progressive Download in Media Library settings

Performance Improvements

  • Improved scrolling performance with Media Libraries that contain a large number of assets
  • Improved performance of image loading within Media Libraries
This list represents just a portion of the new features and bug fixes this release provides. Full details can be found here:

Warpwire 1.9 (Update series B), March 29, 2017

We are applying a minor Warpwire update during our standard maintenance window (6AM to 8AM) on Wednesday, March 29. No service impact or downtime is expected.

The following changes will be applied in this update:
– Improved closed caption handling to support extended VTT specification, including alignment and position
– Improved video player view transitions for easier viewing
– Added parameters to disable seeking, hide playback controls, and enable closed captions by default for embedded media (
– Bug fix: resolved issue where anonymous asset viewing information is not properly respected within the application
Full release notes can be found here:

Warpwire Patch, February 22, 2017

We have reports that some users of Internet Explorer 11 are experiencing playback issues with Warpwire videos. Warpwire is currently finalizing a patch that we plan to install to address these issues during our maintenance window this coming Wednesday morning (2/22) between 6AM and 8AM. No service impact or downtime is expected.


Warpwire v1.9, January 19, 2017

An upgrade is scheduled for Warpwire for January 19th from 6:00AM to 9:00AM. This update is expected to involve down time extending for one hour on each side of our normal maintenance window (6:00AM to 8:00AM). If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at
This upgrade includes:
    • Enhanced metadata display on social websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
    • Replace Media function–upload a new file to replace an old one while retaining metadata and stats for the asset. Helpful for situations where you just need to make a minor edit to a file.
    • Increased visual size of closed captions to improve readability
    • Media assets can be set to “hidden,” even if the Media Library does not have content moderation turned on.
    • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where a media asset owner changes to the media publication would not appear until a page refresh
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where captions may not appear under certain embedded contexts

This list represents just a small portion of the new features and bug fixes this release provides. Full details can be found here:

Warpwire 1.8 (Update Series A)

A update is scheduled for Warpwire during our maintenance Window on Wednesday, August 17 from 6:00AM to 8:00AM. This update is not expected to involve down time. If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at
Bug/Performance Updates:

– Fixed duplicate Media Libraries from appearing in the all Media Libraries view

– Fixed reporting issue where analytics data could be inconsistent when viewing a non-embedded video

– Improved play/pause handling in the video player in certain embedded cases

– Improved retry service when setting up initial video connection during webcam capture

– Fixed issue where media thumbnails may not be viewable to certain users

– Minor updates to Warpwire Admin when searching for specific assets